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Organization of education

Graduate Schools

The Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (FALW) offers a wide range of programmes, including earth sciences, biology, health, environment and neuroscience. Its teaching activities are accommodated within the graduate schools.

  • Undergraduate School for Earth Sciences
  • Undergraduate School for Health & Life Sciences¬†
  • Graduate School Earth, Environment & Ecology¬†
  • Graduate School Health & Life Sciences

Director of Education

Pamela de Boer is currently interim Director of Education at the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences. The role of Director of Education involves advising on education policy, such as the organization of teaching and the teaching facilities that are needed. The Director of Education also oversees the implementation of the Academic and Examination Regulations (AER) and the evaluation of these regulations.

Education Office

The Education Office is responsible for coordinating and organizing teaching and education within the faculty. This includes matters such as student administration, examinations and the examination registration process, timetabling, student supervision and quality assurance. At the moment, Cees van Gent is interim manager of the Education Office. Contact: onderwijsbureau.beta@vu.nl.

Programme Committees

Each degree programme has its own programme committee, as required by the Higher Education and Research Act. The committee includes an equal number of staff and student members.

The Programme Committee is responsible for:

  • advising on teaching and education, including the Academic and Examination Regulations;
  • conducting an annual evaluation of the way in which the Academic and Examination Regulations are implemented;
  • making recommendations, either on its own initiative or on request, on all matters relating to teaching in the degree programme in question.

Examination Board

The Faculty Board appoints a separate Examination Board for each degree programme. The Examination Board draws up rules to ensure that examinations are organized properly, and issues the results of examinations. It appoints examiners and can provide them with guidelines on the assessment of examinations.
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