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Memorandum between VU University Amsterdam and Nanjing University signed

On Friday November 4, 2011 a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between FALW and the School of Earth Science and Engineering, Institute of Surficial Geochemistry at the Nanjing University in China (ISG‐NU).

Goal of the memorandum is to elaborate the bilateral cooperation in the field of Earth Sciences in the framework of the Sino‐Dutch research initiative.

Earth Evolution and Environmental Change(E3C)
The mission of E3C is to study the anthropogenic, climatologic and tectonic processes forcing the Earth’s environmental and geological evolution as recorded in terrestrial and marine sedimentary archives, to train
undergraduate and graduate students and exchange of scientists.


FALW-dean Prof. dr. Bauke Oudega (left) and his Chinese colleague Prof. dr. Hongbo Zheng (right)

Staff members involved in E3C include:
FALW: Dr. M.A. Prins, Dr. C.J. Beets, Dr. S.R. Troelstra, Dr. R.T. van Balen, Dr. S. Bohncke, Dr. P.Z. Vroon and
Prof. dr. J.R. Wijbrans.
ISG‐NU: Professor dr. Hongbo Zheng, Professor dr. Junfeng Ji, Dr. Lianwen Liu, Dr. Bin Zhou,
Ms. Chao Luo (PhD student), Ms. Mengying He (PhD student), Mr. Yuliang Chen (PhD student).

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