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Bachelor level Courses

Bachelor Level Course List faculty of Earth and Life Sciences 2012/2013

You can check the course description through this link.

September 2011 the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences has started with eight Minors completely offered in English. Exchange student can apply for a whole minor and receive a Minor certificate when all courses have successfully been completed. When more information is available on the Minors/courses we will add the right links to these pages. The minors will be offered during 1st (autumn) semester.

Please note that there is a possibility a Minor will not be offered if there is not enough interest in the program! Therefore, it very important to communicate to us which minor a student would like to follow no later than April 1st.

Please note that only the Minor "Brain & Mind" is open to all students regardless of educational background.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In case you do not pass an exam for the courses offered in September/October, re-sits will be offered at the beginning of January. In case you do not pass an exam for the courses offered in November, December or January, re-sits will be offered at the end of June/beginning of July. This means that students who only attend courses first semester, might have to come back in summer in case they need to do a re-sit!

Unfortunately, we will not offer any courses for exchange students during second (summer) semester. It will however be possible for students to do an internship.

Minors in Life Sciences: 


Month & MinorSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary
Biology and Ecology
Systems Ecology AB_1019Environmental Toxicology AB_1020Human Evolution AB_1021Evolutionary
Genetics AB_1022
Choose a module from another minor (January)
Topics in  Health Care
Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders AB_1023 Allergy & Auto-immunity AB_1024Genetics and Public Health AB_1025Toxicology and
Neurodevelopment AB_1026  
Oncology & Public Health AB_1027  
5 Big Issues in HealthHealth at work AB_1033Sexual Health: Threats & Opportunities AB_1034Moving Matters in Health AB_1035Food for Thought AB_1036Drugs and Addiction AB_1032  
Stress, Health and DiseaseFuture challenges in Global Health AB_1042    Environmental Toxicology AB_1020Stress in the city AB_1038Toxicology and
Development AB_1026
Wars, Accidents, Disasters and Health AB_1039
Biomolecular & Neuro SciencesExperimental Cell Biology I AB_1047Experimental Cell Biology II AB_1048Option: Molecular Principles of Brain Disorders AB_1049 or  From Protein to Cell AB_1052Option:
The Adaptive Brain AB_1050 or Molecular
Cell Biology AB_1053
Neuronal Networks and Behaviour AB_1051 or Molecular
Microbiology AB_470610
Topics in
Biomedical sciences
Experimental Immunology AB_1055Allergy & Auto-immunity AB_1024Mechanisms of Brain Diseases AB_1058Biochemistry of Diseases AB_1054Choose a module from another minor (January)
Biomedical and health interventions  Future challenges in global health AB_1042Key strategies in disability and neuropathy AB_1045  Clinical Trials and Health care AB_1043Tailoring Medicine and Telemedicine AB_1044Infectious diseases and vaccine development AB_1046
Brain & MindCognitive Neuroscience AB_1056Nature versus Nurture AB_1057Mechanisms of Brain Diseases AB_1058The Developing Brain AB_1059Mind and Machine AB_1060


Minors in Earth Sciences:

Month and MinorSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary
Earth SurfaceAB_1102 Climate scienceAB_1092 Geobotany and Eco-HydrologyAB_1093 Sedimentary EnvironmentsPlease choose from: AB_1094 Introduction to Biogeosciences and AB_1103 Human geographyPlease choose from: AB_1105 Introduction to Environmental science and AB_1106 Land use change
Solid EarthAB_1008 Petrology of system earthAB_1097 Sedimentology and historical geologyAB_1099 Structural geology CPlease choose from: AB_1094 Introduction to biogeosciences and AB_1103 Human geography AB_1104 Isotope Geochemistry


Please note that additional information about the minor programmes in Earth Sciences (such as course contents and periods in which courses will be offered) will be made available soon


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