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Minor Biomolecular & Neuro Sciences

The purpose of this minor is to offer the student in-depth knowledge of Bio-molecular Sciences and/or Neuroscience. The student will gain insight into the latest knowledge of experimental cell biology during the first two courses of the minor (Experimental Cell Biology I and II). Next, students will choose a specific track, either Neuro science or Biomolecular Sciences.

Start date1 september
Duration1 semester (5 months)
Credits30 EC
Attend as optional subject

Admission requirements

This minor is open to third year BSc students in the life sciences.


Please see the application procedure for more details.


This minor is coordinated by:

Dr. Dirk Bald
Dr. Hylke Vervaeke


Biomolecular & Neuro Sciences

  • Experimental Cell Biology I
  • Experimental Cell Biology II

Two tracks:


  • Molecular principles of brain disorders
  • The Adaptive Brain
  • Neuronal Networks and Behavior

Biomolecular Sciences:

  • From Protein to Cell (former name Structuur biologie)
  • Molecular Cell Biology (former name Moleculaire Celbiologie)
  • Molecular Microbiology (former name Moleculaire microbiologie)
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