Dr. J. (Janne) Koornneef

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  • Room nr:h-358
  • E-mail:j.m.koornneef@vu.nl
  • Unit:faculteit der aard- en levenswetenschappen ( cluster diepe aarde )
  • Position:Assistant Professor


Janne Koornneef is an isotope geochemist studying the composition of the Earth’s mantle and the volcanic rocks derived from it. She aims to understand the processes that control the compositional variability of lavas and has a specific interest in melt- and fluid related processes within the mantle. She uses multiple isotope systems (U-series, Nd, Sr, Hf, Pb) in combination with major- and trace element chemistry of mantle and volcanic rocks to look at: (1) mantle melting rates and melt transport times (2) the influence of source heterogeneity on the melting process and lava compositions; (3) Recycling fluxes in subduction zones (4) mantle metasomatism and diamond formation processes in subcratonic mantle.


As a post-doc Janne worked on technique development using the latest generation mass spectrometer (TRITON-Plus TIMS) to measure small geological samples for their Sr, Nd and Pb isotope compositions. In collaboration with the manufacturer of the instrument she developed techniques to use the latest design 1012 and new 1013 Ohm feedback resistors that lead to a significant improvement in signal to noise ratios and therefore precision. She established the benefit of the now commercially available 1013 Ohm amplifiers over default 1011 Ohm amplifiers in multiple applications of small sample analyses (mineral inclusions in diamonds, melt inclusions in olivine, dust from ice cores etc). Her current research is embedded in the Europlanet programme (www.europlanet-2020-ri.eu/) and she is part of the NEXUS 1492 project (www.nexus1492.eu). She supervises multiple PhD and MSc students in their research projects to apply the techniques to analyse sub ng samples.

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Key publications

Timmerman, S., Koornneef, J.M., Chinn, I.L., Davies, G.R., (2017). Dated eclogitic diamond growth zones reveal variable recycling of crustal carbon through time. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 463, 178-188.

Klaver, M., Smeets, R., Koornneef, J.M., Davies, G.R., Vroon, P.Z. (2016) Pb isotope analysis of ng size samples by TIMS equipped with a 1013 Ω resistor using a 207Pb-204Pb double spike. J. Anal. At. Spectrom., doi: 10.1039/C5JA00130G

Koornneef, J.M., Nikogosian, I., Bergen, M.J. van, Smeets, R., Bouman, C., Davies, G.R. (2015) TIMS analysis of Sr and Nd isotopes in melt inclusions from Italian potassium-rich lavas using prototype 1013 Ω amplifiers. Chemical Geology, 397, 14-23. (8)

Koornneef, J.M., Bouman, C., Schwieters, J.B., Davies, G.R. (2014) Measurement of small ion beams by thermal ionisation mass spectrometry using new 10¹³ Ohm resistors. Analytica Chimica Acta, 819, 49-55. (14)

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Koornneef, J.M., Stracke, A., Bourdon, B., Grönvold, K. (2012). The influence of source heterogeneity on the U–Th–Pa–Ra disequilibria in post-glacial tholeiites from Iceland. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 87, 243-266.

Koornneef, J.M., Stracke, A., Meier M.A., Bourdon, B., Jochum, K.P., Stoll, B. Grönvold, K., (2012). Melting and mixing of a two-component source beneath Iceland, Journal of Petrology, 53, 127-157.

Koornneef, J.M., Davies, G.R., Dopp, S.P., Vukmanovic, Z., Nikogosian, I. K., Mason, P.R.D., 2009. Nature and timing of multiple metasomatic events in the sub-cratonic lithosphere beneath Labait, Tanzania. Lithos, 112: 896-912.

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