J.M. (John) O'Connor


Department of Isotope Geochemistry
Faculty of Earth Sciences
Vrije Universiteit
De Boelelaan 1085
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Research Interests

My research interests are in geochronology and petrogenesis of oceanic magmatism (seamounts, aseismic ridges, large igneous provinces, spreading ridges), particularly in relation to their tectonic and geographic setting. Current projects at various stages of completion are SO141 (Hawaiian hotspot), SO142 (Musician Elongate Volcanic Ridges), SO144 (Galapagos hotspot), and SO167 (Louisville Seamount Chain). Our study of the Foundation Chain (O’Connor et al., 2001) demonstrates the importance of considering the long-lived history of a hotspot trail when attempting to understand hotspot-spreading ridge interaction processes. We have demonstrated that combining high precision age and geochemical data for long-lived seamount chains and aseismic ridges, especially when involving intersection with a spreading ridge, is a very powerful way of interpreting the oceanic magmatism in terms of crustal movements, mantle dynamics and geochemical heterogeneity.

List of Publications

  • O'Connor, J.M., P. Stoffers, J.R. Wijbrans, O'Connor, J.M., P. Stoffers, J. Wijbrans, (2004). The Foundation Chain: Inferring hotspot-plate interaction from a weak seamount trail. In: Hekinian, R., Stoffers, P. and Cheminée J.-L. (eds), Oceanic Hotspots, Springer, 349-372.
  • O'Connor, J.M., P. Stoffers, J.R. Wijbrans, (2002). Pulsing of a focused mantle plume: Evidence From the distribution of Foundation Chain Hotspot Volcanism, Geophy. Res. Lett., 10.1029/2002GL014681.
  • O'Connor, J.M., P. Stoffers, J.R. Wijbrans, (2001). En Echelon Volcanic Elongate Ridges Connecting Intraplate Foundation Chain Volcanism to the Pacific-Antarctic Spreading Center, Earth Planet Sci. Lett. 189, 93-102.
  • O'Connor, J.M., P. Stoffers, J.R. Wijbrans, P.Shannon and T. Morrissey, (2000). Evidence from episodic seamount volcanism for pulsing of the Iceland plume in the past 70 Myr, Nature, 408, 954-958.
  • O'Connor, J.M., P. Stoffers, P. van den Bogaard, and M. McWilliams, (1999). First seamount age evidence for significantly slower African plate motion since 19 to 30 Ma, Earth Planet Sci. Lett., 171, 575-589.

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