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Student degree and Internship opportunities
I have several projects for Masters and Bachelors students that include working with frog genomics, the geography of Caribbean human populations, and constructing conservation plans for an under-appreciated species. Please click here for full project descriptions.

I am also interested in mentoring students on their own project ideas, especially those that make use of the facilities of the Animal Ecology department.

Research interests

My research topics are:
Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecology, Evolution, Informatics, Global Change

I am particularly interested in projects that use phylogenetic approaches to address basic and applied biological questions in the environmental sciences. My approach is heavy on empirical data and mathematical, and I am driven towards simple visualizations of the statistical answers.


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Link to Matt Helmus full publication list at VU University

Research project

I am working on a variety of projects at any given time, but a description of my current NWO funded project 'Caribbean Island Biogeography Meets the Anthropocenecan' be found here. Also, I post information relevant to my research here.
My Google Scholar Page can be found here.

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