Ing. Jurgen R. van Hal

  • Telephone:+31 20 59 87038
  • Room nr:a-168
  • Unit:faculteit der aard- en levenswetenschappen (subafdeling systeemecologie)



I am a technician with training in environmental sciences, and have experience with various chemical, physiological and biological analyses of soils, plants, invertebrates and micro-organisms.
Main tasks and work fields are:

  • Plant and microbial soil-community experiments
  • Soil invertebrate experiments
  • Teaching: Biodiversity and Ecological Fieldwork (1st year Biology undergraduates)
  • Teaching: Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Fieldwork (2nd year Biology undergraduates)
  • Greenhouse coordination

Main techniques are:

  • Molecular microbial ecological analyses, with PCR and DGGE
  • Nutrients in plants and soils
  • Chemical and physiological plant-traits
  • Invertebrate determination

For more information on projects see the links below:

Dr. Peter van Bodegom

Prof. Hans Cornelissen

Prof. Rien Aerts


I also enjoy working with nature in my free time, and zoom in on life with with macro-photography and Invertebrate determination.


Key Publications



Heemsbergen, D.A., Berg, M.P., Loreau, M., van Hal, J. R., Faber, J. H., Verhoef, H.A. (2004) Biodiversity effects on soil processes explained by interspecific functional dissimilarity. Science 306, 1019-1020.

Makkonen M., Berg M.P., van Hal J.R., Callaghan T.V.,  Press M.C. and Aerts R. (2011)
Traits explain the responses of a sub-arctic Collembola community to climate manipulation. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 43 (2011) 377e384

Freschet, G.,Weedon, J.,Aerts, R.,van Hal, J. and Cornelissen, J. (2011), Interspecific differences in wood decay rates: insights from a new short-term method to study long-term wood decomposition. Journal of Ecology, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2745.2011.01896.x


Van Geffen, K., Berg, M. & Aerts, R. (2011) Potential macro-detritivore range expansion into the subarctic stimulates litter decomposition: a new positive feedback mechanism to climate change? Oecologia DOI 10.1007/s00442-011-2051-8

Ordonez J.C. ,  van Bodegom P.M. ,  Witte J.P.M. , Bartholomeus R.P. , van Hal J.R. , and Aerts R. (2010) Plant Strategies in Relation to Resource Supply in Mesic to Wet Environments: Does Theory Mirror Nature? The American naturalist vol. 175, no. 225-239 

Pancotto V.A., van Bodegom P.M., van Hal J., van Logtestijn R.S.P.,  Blokker P., Toet S and Aerts R. (2010) N deposition and elevated CO2 on methane emissions: Differential responses of indirect effects compared to direct effects through litter chemistry feedbacks. Journal Of Geophysical Research, VOL. 115, G02001, doi:10.1029/2009JG001099   

Bouma, T.J., Nielsen, K.L., van Hal, J., Koutstaal, B. (2001) Root system topology and diameter distribution of species from habitats differing in inundation frequency. Functional Ecology 15, 3, 360-369.


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