Ing. Jurgen R. van Hal

  • Telephone:+31 20 59 87038
  • Room nr:h-127
  • Unit:faculteit der aard- en levenswetenschappen ( subafdeling systeemecologie )


I am a technician with training in environmental sciences, and have experience with various chemical, physiological and biological analyses of soils, plants, invertebrates and micro-organisms.
Main tasks and work fields are:

  • Plant and microbial soil-community experiments
  • Soil invertebrate experiments
  • Teaching: Biodiversity and Ecological Fieldwork (1st year Biology undergraduates)
  • Teaching: Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Fieldwork (2nd year Biology undergraduates)
  • Greenhouse coordination

Main techniques are:

  • Molecular microbial ecological analyses, with PCR and DGGE
  • Nutrients in plants and soils
  • Chemical and physiological plant-traits
  • Invertebrate determination

For more information on projects see the links below:

Prof. Hans Cornelissen

Prof. Rien Aerts

I also enjoy working with nature in my free time, and zoom in on life with with macro-photography and Invertebrate determination.

Key Publications

Makkonen M., Berg M.P., van Hal J.R., Callaghan T.V.,  Press M.C. and Aerts R. (2011). Traits explain the responses of a sub-arctic Collembola community to climate manipulation. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 43 (2011) 377e384

Freschet, G., Weedon, J., Aerts, R.,van Hal, J. and Cornelissen, J. (2011), Interspecific differences in wood decay rates: insights from a new short-term method to study long-term wood decomposition. Journal of Ecology, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2745.2011.01896.x

Ordonez J.C.,  van Bodegom P.M. , Witte J.P.M. , Bartholomeus R.P. , van Hal J.R. , and Aerts R. (2010) Plant Strategies in Relation to Resource Supply in Mesic to Wet Environments: Does Theory Mirror Nature?The American Naturalist vol. 175, no. 225-239

Pancotto V.A., van Bodegom P.M., van Hal J., van Logtestijn R.S.P.,  Blokker P., Toet S and Aerts R. (2010) N deposition and elevated CO2 on methane emissions: Differential responses of indirect effects compared to direct effects through litter chemistry feedbacks. Journal Of Geophysical Research, Vol. 115, G02001, doi:10.1029/2009JG001099

Heemsbergen, D.A., Berg, M.P., Loreau, M., van Hal, J. R., Faber, J. H., Verhoef, H.A. (2004). Biodiversity effects on soil processes explained by interspecific functional dissimilarity. Science 306, 1019-1020.   

Bouma, T.J., Nielsen, K.L., van Hal, J., Koutstaal, B. (2001) Root system topology and diameter distribution of species from habitats differing in inundation frequency. Functional Ecology 15, 3, 360-369.

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