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Tips and Tricks for finding literature

Would you like to locate a specific document?

Yes. The national library catalogue PiCarta is a good starting point.  If you are looking for international journal articles we recommend Google Scholar. Use the VU-link to check if the publication in available in the UB VU.

No. I am looking for literature on e specific subject. Use the library  e-Resources.
For sciences these are the most popular e-Resources:

-          Web of Science (all subjects)
-          Georef (mathematics, computer science)
-          PubMed (medicine, health sciences)

It is possible to access the electronic library collection from home.

Borrowing and ordering documents

Use your student card or library card to borrow documents from the library. You can order documents that are available in another library through the Inter-library loans (ILL).

Courses and workshops

If you would like to learn how to do your literature research efficiently, sign in for a workshop or follow a library web course in own time:  

•          Level A (first year bachelor students)
•          Level B (advanced bachelor students)
•          Level C (master students)


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