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Master co-ordinators

In general, personal contact between faculty staff and students is easy at our faculty, providing for efficient exchange of information, help and advice, and guidance in case of individual problems. Do not hesitate to contact your specific co-ordinator whenever you need.
The master co-ordinators will also:

  • approve or disapprove with respect to the master programme proposals that students have to draft at the start of the master programmed 
  • approve or disapprove with respect to the approval of propositions for internships and literature studies 
  • advice the examination board with respect to exemptions on programmes or programme components


MSc ProgrammeCo-ordinatorContact
BiologyRenate van Belle - van den Berge-mail
Biomedical SciencesRenate van Belle - van den Berge-mail
Biomolecular SciencesRieky van Walravene-mail
Earth Sciences - Applied Environmental
Sjoerd Bohncke / Kees Kassee-mail
Earth Sciences - Archaeometry/
Landscape Archaeology
Henk Kars
Earth Sciences - EducationIris Pauwe-mail 
Earth Sciences - Science CommunicationFrank Kuppere-mail 
Earth Sciences - Earth Sciences and EconomicsMark Bokhorste-mail 
Earth Sciences - Palaeoclimatology and Geo-ecosystemsSjoerd Bohncke / Kay Beetse-mail
Earth Sciences - Solid EarthReini Zoetemeijer e-mail 
EcologyGerard Driessene-mail
Environment and Resource ManagementElissaios Papyrakis
Geosciences of Basins and LithosphereReini Zoetemeijere-mail
Global HealthMarjolein Zweekhorste-mail
Health SciencesHella Brandt
HydrologyMaarten Waterlooe-mail 
Lifestyles and Chronic DisordersRaymond Osteloe-mail
Management, Policy Analysis and
Entrepeneurship in Health and Life Sciences
Anna van Luijn
NeurosciencesLeontien Diergaardee-mail 
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