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Programme committee

Most of the programme committees  have meetings once every six weeks. Suggestions for the improvement of the programme can be addressed to the programme committee. An overvieuw of the programme committees of our MSc programmes is presented below.

Programma committeecontactroomtelephonee-mail
MSc BiologyDr. J.M. KoeneH-148020-5987098e-mail
MSc Biomedical SciencesProf. dr. J.E.W. BroerseS-560020-5987028 emptye-mail
MSc Biomolecular SciencesDr. M.H. SideriusN-250a020-5987564e-mail
MSc Earth SciencesDr. F.M. BrouwerH-343020-5987335e-mail
MSc EcologyDr. ir. C.A.M. van GestelH-150020-5987079e-mail
MSc Environment and Resource ManagementProf. dr. F.G.H. BerkhoutC-554020-5989525e-mail
MSc Global HealthProf. dr. J.E.W. BroerseS-560020-5987028e-mail
MSc Health SciencesDr. A.H.E. KoolmanU-453020-5982545e-mail
MSc HydrologyDr. B.M. van BreukelenE-243020-5987393e-mail 
MSc Lifestyle and Chronic DisordersProf. dr. J.W.R. TwiskU-446020-5982519e-mail
MSc Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life SciencesProf. dr. J.E.W. BroerseS-560020-5987028e-mail
MSc NeurosciencesDr. H.K.E. VervaekeB-423020-5987791e-mail 

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