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Exchange programmes

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam places a strong emphasis on projects that offer opportunities for study and/or work experience abroad, while at the same time welcoming students from all over the world in Amsterdam. Our aim is to create a multicultural atmosphere in which Dutch and international students can grow and flourish both academically and socially. There is a continuous increase in the number of international courses offered to all students in English.

We are delighted that many young people, both exchange students and degree-seeking students, from various countries choose to widen their knowledge by studying at our university. For more information about exchange possibilities at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam please look at the following page:

Exchange Programmes

Here you will find more information on:

  • Courses for exchange students
  • Nomination and application
  • Accommodation for exchange students
  • Visa/residence permit
  • Useful information connected with your stay in Amsterdam
  • How to contact the International Service Desk


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