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Various minor programmes are offered as part of the bachelor programmes of the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (FALW). These minors are offered in the first semester of the third year. A minor can either expand or deepen the scope of your programme, but is always a coherent block of 30 study points. The minors are open to students of FALW but also to other VU and external students.

Admission to a minor

In order to be allowed to start a minor you must have obtained at least 90 ECTS in your main programme. This means you must have completed the entire first year and at least 30 EC of the second year. Students from the professional colleges (HBO) need to have obtained at least 120 ECTS, including the entire first year. Additionally you will need to take into account any additional extra admission demands or required preliminary knowledge that may apply to individual minors.

The following minors are offered by the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences:

Minor Biomedical and Health Interventions

Minor Biomedical Topics in Health Care  (note: limited positions available)

Minor Biomolecular and Neurosciences track Biomolecular Sciences  (permission required)

Minor Biomolecular and Neurosciences track Neuroscience  (permission required)

Minor Brain and Mind

Minor Communicatie over Gezondheid

Minor Earth and Climate  (permission required)

Minor Earth Surface - track AW  (permission required)

Minor Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

Minor Five Big Issues in Health  (note: limited positions available)

Minor Geology and Geochemistry

Minor Global Food Security

Minor Global Health

Minor Health Care Management

Nationale GI-minor  (By FALW and 5 other Dutch universities)

Minor Spatial Economics

Minor Sustainability_Global_Challenges_Interdisciplinary_Solutions-minor_

Minor Topics in Biomedical Sciences(note: limited positions available)

Additionally, there is the option to take part in the minor Geo-archeology. This minor has been created as a joint venture of lecturers at VU and UvA from the faculties of Humanieties (VU and UvA), Earth and Life Sciences (VU) and Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics (UvA). More information about this minor can be found at the website of the Faculty of Humanities.

More information on the Educatieve minor (Dutch programme)

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