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  • Telefoon:+31 20 59 85294
  • Kamernr:14a-00, 14a-00
  • E-mail:s.j.kluiving@vu.nl
  • Onderdeel:fac. der geesteswetenschappen (gesch/oudh/k&c), salarisbedrijf en centr (transitieorganisatie)
  • Functie:Assistant Professor


Sjoerd Kluiving specialises in Earth Sciences in Landscape Archaeology, particularly interdisciplinary research in the disciplines of Archaeology, Historical Geography and Geology. His key interests are:
• Sedimentology
• Structural geology
• Glacial processes
• Geophysics
• Microstructural analysis (micromorphology)
• Interdisciplinary research
Sjoerd is as a geologist and physical geographer involved in applying earth sciences to archaeology. He is responsible for teaching several BSc and MSc courses and is innovator in teaching methods. He has managed projects in (field-based) evaluation of archaeological monuments and is the initiator and project manager of involving cultural history in spatial planning processes. He has published in earth science journals as well as in cultural publications and is currently Guest Editor for the LAC2010 proceedings in 2010 in Quaternary International.

Sjoerd has, besides his teaching position, a research and consulting company ( www.geo-logical.nl) in earth sciences and works for government agencies and archeological companies. Sjoerd has a special interest in interdisciplinary research as well as glacial processes.


Recent Projects

• 2010: Amsterdam (Netherlands) Organiser 1st international Landscape Archaeological Conference, LAC2010
• 2000-2010: Cambridge (UK); Developing Antarctic Glacio-Geological Database (AGGD) on absolute ages constraining Antarctic deglaciation
• 2008, 2009:  Zakynthos, Greece: Physical geography in Zakynthos Archaeological Project
• 2007, 2008:  Thesprothia (NW-Greece) Geoarchaeology: Lake coring studies
• 2007, 2008:  Fayum (Egypt): Lake shore and landscape reconstruction
• 2007: Gouda, Netherlands: Mesolithic habitation of old fluvial channels.
• 2005, 2006:  Nikopolis (Greece) Roman landscape reconstruction


Selected Publications

• Kraker, A.M.J. de & S.J. Kluiving (2007), Verdronken landschap voor het voetlicht. Onderzoek naar de locatie en specifieke kenmerken van verdronken nederzettingen en structuren van West-Brabant voor 1600. Noordbrabants Historisch Jaarboek 060, Jrg. 24
• Kluiving, S.J., N. Brand en G.J. Borger (2006), De West-Brabantse delta: een Verdronken Landschap vormgeven. Geo- and Bioarchaeological studies, vol 7.
• Kluiving, S.J. , P.S.M. Kranendonk en D. van Smeerdijk (2005), Onderzoeksprogramma in het kader van het archeologisch onderzoek aan de Noord/Zuidlijn (Intern document gemeente Amsterdam).
• Kluiving, S.J. & Arts J.A. 2004. Inventarisatie en Waardering Archeologische Terreinen in de Provincie Noord Brabant (rapport en catalogus), pp 660. ISBN 90-5985-073-4.
• Kluiving, S.J., Bosch , J.H.A. & Ebbing, J.H.J., Mesdag, C. & Westerhoff, R. 2003. Onshore and Offshore Seismic and Lithostratigraphic Analysis of a Deeply Incised Quaternary Buried Valley-System in the Northern Netherlands. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 53, 249-271.
• Kluiving, S.J. , Wateren, F.M. van der & R.C. Hindmarsh, in review. Digital Glacio-Geological Database of Antarctica for Ice Sheet Modelling: absolute age data. Submitted for internal review to British Antarctic Survey, 2005
• Kluiving, S. J. (2001). “Multiscale (seismic, lithofacies, and microstructural) analyses of subglacial and glaciomarine deposits on the Ross Sea continental margin and offshore Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica: Evidence for substrate control on ice flow behavior.” Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Alabama.
• Van der Wateren, F. M., Kluiving, S. J. & Bartek, L. R. 2000. Kinematic indicators of subglacial shearing. In: Deformation of glacial materials (edited by Maltman, A. J., Hubbard, B. P. & Hambrey, M. J.). Geological Society Special Publication. Geological Society, London, p. 259-278.
• Kluiving, S.J., Bartek, L.R. & Wateren, F.M. van der. 1999. Multi-scale analyses of subglacial and glaciomarine deposits from the Ross Sea continental shelf, Antarctica. Annals of Glaciology, Vol.28, 90-96.
• Kluiving, S.J., Bartek, L.R. & Wateren, F.M. van der. 1999. Sedimentology and glaciotectonics of Cenozoic glacial and glaciomarine sediments from the Ross sea continental margin, Antarctica: The Use of Microstructures. Terra Antarctica Reports, 3, 167-171.
• Kluiving, S.J. 1994: Glaciotectonics in the Itterbeck-Uelsen push moraines, Germany. Journal of Quaternary Science, Vol. 9(3), p. 235-244. ISSN 0267-8179.
• Kluiving, S.J., Rappol, M. & Wateren, F.M. van der 1991: Till stratigraphy and ice movements in eastern Overijssel, The Netherlands. Boreas, Vol. 20, p. 193-205. Oslo. ISSN 0300-9483.

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