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Prof.dr. I.H.M. (Ingrid) Steenhuis

  • Telefoon:+31 20 59 86948
  • Kamernr:o-541
  • E-mail:ingrid.steenhuis@vu.nl
  • Onderdeel:faculteit der aard- en levenswetenschappen (sectie preventie en volksgezondheid)
  • Functie:Professor Health Promotion

Short Biography

Ingrid Steenhuis graduated cum laude with majors in Health Promotion & Health Education and Health Ethics & Philosophy at the Maastricht University, the Netherlands. In 2002 she finished her PhD which focused on nutrition education and environmental interventions in worksite cafeterias and supermarkets. Currently, she is Associate Professor Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the VU University, Department of Health Sciences. Within the department, she is head of the Section Prevention & Public Health. Her research focuses on the development and evaluation of educational and environmental interventions to prevent overweight. She obtained funding for and is project leader of projects aimed at portion size interventions in cinemas and worksite cafeterias; a portion control program targeted at families with overweight; pricing strategies to promote healthy eating among people with a low socio economic status; and evaluation studies of front of package nutrition labelling.
In 2010, Ingrid Steenhuis won the EMGO+ Societal Impact Award, for her work on pricing strategies. In 2012 the EMGO+ Societal Impact Award for her book ‘Smartsize Me; Een slimme manier om maat te houden’ and the  ‘Gouden Veer’ for the same book.


Professional employment history

1996-2002: Maastricht University, Department of Health Promotion  (respectively as research assistant, researcher and assistant-professor)
2002-2004: assistant professor, Open University Netherlands, Faculty of Psychology
2004-2005: assistant professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Institute of Psychology
2005 – present: associate professor, Department of Health Sciences

Research Interests

  • Portion size
  • Pricing strategies
  • Social Marketing
  • Eating behaviour
  • Evaluation of interventions

Currently supervising the following PhD-projects:

  1. Small, medium, large or supersize? The development and evaluation of environmental interventions aimed at portion size (2006-2011) (funded by ZonMw, the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development)
  2. Portion control at home: The development and evaluation of a comprehensive intervention program aimed at portion size to prevent overweight and obesity". (2009-2013) (funded by ZonMw, the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development).
  3. 3. Feasibility and effectiveness of pricing strategies to change dietary behavior among low income groups. (2007-2011) (funded by ZonMw, the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development).
  4. Evaluation of the Choices logo (2007-2011) (funded by the Choices foundation)




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